Bohol is absolutely a beauty with its sandy or rocky beaches, lapis azure waters, green mountains and hills, almost virginal forests, wildlife and wildlife sanctuaries, unique geological formations, such as the famous Chocolate Hills, abundant fossils dating back many hundreds of thousands of years (we have those right in our yard!) and recently, the ruins and new geological faults above ground brought by the earthquake of 2013. Please consult various travel websites for opinions and suggestions. We can assist to plan your itineraries and arrange your desired tours before your arrival.

The Island

What to do?

Pamilacan is off the beaten path. You decide and weave what kind of holiday you want. One can indulge in a lot of self-directed activities exploring the whole island on foot or the waters around it. One can also do nothing and simply breath in the serenity and tranquility of the place disrupted only by the occasional sounds of a sleepy village, the rushes of the water and the wind passing by, or simply gaze at the millions stars on a clear night sky!


Definitely snorkeling, endless! The Coral Garden, a mere 50 meters swim from our front beach, was voted one of the best in the Philippines, not for its size but for its diversity. Pamilacan is a top diving destination but not yet over-crowded. We hope it stays this way. The Marine Sanctuary is a village-organised and -managed environmental protection project. One can explore the sanctuary on a paddle boat accompanied by a licensed village guide. Some people call it the “Supermarket for the Fishes” as fishes of many species come and breed here and as grown-ups feed here before they swim back to the wild.

The abundance of natural marine food near and around the Marine Sanctuary makes it the transient stop of the migrating Whale Sharks between December and March. Feeding these gentle animals are not allowed in the island. Whale Interaction tours atop a paddle boat are organised by the locals. Dolphins are part of everyday life here. Sometimes, some schools, can recognise the boatmen leading a Dolphin Watching tour.

Simply explore the waters around the island and you will be amazed at the wealth of marine life, living and fossilised, and of course, the clear, refreshing water tantalising you with blues of all shades.

And when your day is done, watch the Sunset. Make yourself open to new definition(s) and imagination(s) of what Sunset is.